A Little of This and That

Today we started day one of our official fall semester!  It went so well.  We did everything before noon.  The boys finished before 11.  We started at about 9:15!  So our first full day of school only lasted 2-3 hours!

I’m sure over time some subjects will take longer (like when we start our note-booking journals and experiments for science, etc), but so far so good.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos!

We started our day making sure our beds were made, breakfast was eaten and cleaned up after, teeth were brushed, and everyone was dressed.

Then, we started school with math (for Karis) and calendar time for the boys.


Levi loves math!


Ethan drinks coffee every morning because it helps with his attention.  He bought this mug at family camp last week :-).


See that smile?  He usually cries when it comes to phonics/reading.  He SMILED about it today!  Granted, we started on the first book/level so that I can make sure he doesn’t have any holes in his understanding, but still.  He smiled about it.



I bought Saxon readers for the boys.  They are perfect!  I started with first grade fluency readers.  We also have second grade fluency readers and second grade decodable readers.  Ethan and Levi are on about the same level.


Writing today was just copy-work for the boys.  They do well with Writing with Ease!


Karis started her new history today and it went really well!  She really likes it!  NotgrassFrom Adam to Us is the perfect fit for her!  Today she read the lesson and worked on vocabulary and timeline.  Tomorrow she’ll be doing the lesson review (questions) and thinking biblically.  Soon she’ll be doing literature along with it.  For now she’s reading Tuck Everlasting.


Karis’ writing today was reading an excerpt from Mr. Revere and I and writing a summary (narration).  I had to help her a bit (asking her questions to pull out the summary), but she ended up doing really well.  I love how gentle Writing with Ease is!  It’s giving her more confidence.



We also started science today!  All we did was read a few pages today introducing what astronomy is!  I’m looking forward to what’s to come!


On another note…

Last night I made some amazing bread that I can eat with all THM meals!  It’s low fat and low carb.  It’s called Nuke Queen’s bread.  The point of it is to make a bread that you can microwave, but I actually baked it in the oven (on 350 for 50 minutes).  It’s still SUPER simple.  It took 5 minutes to mix up.  This morning I had it with butter and about 1/2 tbsp (3g of carbs) of Stevia Kitchen jam.  I had it with my amazing leftover frittata that I made for dinner last night.




Tonight we are having cheeseburger pie, roasted brussel sprouts, and garlic and olive oil spaghetti squash (I will type this up tomorrow).

I will also be making some banana/pumpkin cake for breakfast tomorrow.  Yum!!

Now I’m off to do my one load of laundry per day and to bake!

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