Settling In

It has been about a week and a half since I decided to stop Trim Healthy Mama.  This past week and a half has been full of peace and freedom.  I’m sure I gained back the few pounds I had lost, but I’m okay with that.  This month is full of meals in the dining hall, which saves us lots of time and money.  I’m thankful that now that I’m not doing a diet, I can eat in the dining hall!  This is our monthly meal planning calendar! DH means Dining Hall.  L means lunch, and D means dinner.  All the others are self explanatory 😉 .


We’re settling into homeschooling so well.  I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING.  I cannot imagine going back to driving 35 minutes one way to take them to school.  I also cannot imagine teaching in a classroom again!  Our days are smooth and short!  We are usually finished by lunch or shortly after!

Karis started Learning Language Arts through Literature this week as well as her literature through her history curriculum (Notgrass).  The boys are starting LLATL tomorrow (I just got the last bit that was on backorder!).  I am in LOVE with this curriculum.  Between this and going back to do the writing/grammar that I love, we are finally hitting our sweet spot!  So now the boys are just doing Explode the Code (which I may not continue after book 4), Learning Language Arts through LiteratureMath U See (they are both on the Alpha level; Ethan will move to Beta soon), Essentials in WritingBeginning Geography, America’s Story Part 1, Apologia Astronomy, and Artistic Pursuits.  I cut out the spelling and handwriting that we were doing because it’s covered in LLATL and I’ve cut out Writing with Ease and decided to go back to Essentials in Writing (my plan from the beginning).  Karis is doing Learning Language Arts through LiteratureA Reason for Handwriting (cursive), Building Spelling Skills (Evan Moor), history through Notgrass From Adam to Us (and literature), Teaching Textbooks level 5, Essentials in WritingApologia Astronomy, and Artistic Pursuits.


This is Essentials in Writing.  I am doing Level 1 for Levi, Level 2 for Ethan, and Level 5 for Karis.  Karis loves it!  I think the boys will, too!


Karis is also doing literature through her history (Notgrass).  She has started the book Farmer Boy this week as well as The Golden Goblet through her history.  She’s doing so well!


I received this yesterday.


I received this today.

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned this week is that doing things the way I’m comfortable with because of my education and experience is actually a GOOD thing, not something to overcome.  I’m thankful I have the experience that I do because I know what is good for us!  I have stopped doing what I thought was best because it didn’t fit the “classical education” or “Charlotte Mason” mold that so many homeschooling mamas fit into.  We are eclectic… picking each curriculum based on what works for us.  LLATL is considered Charlotte Mason, but it’s just good.  I love using “living books,” which we called “mentor texts” when I taught.  Essentials in Writing is more traditional.  The DVD’s are taught by a certified teacher.  He teaches the way I taught writing!  I love the writer’s workshop, the writing process, and everything about it!  I have changed writing curriculum so many times because I doubted myself so much!

This week I just took a good, hard look at what *I* want from our homeschooling journey.  How do *I* want to teach my kids?

I came up with this plan.

Luckily I still had some of the old stuff that we were using. The rest I will sell.  My friend is taking a lot of it.  I am done changing my mind!  I am sold on what we’re doing because I’m not doubting myself anymore!!  It’s so freeing on so many levels!

Life could not be any better!  I’m so thankful for the life that God has allowed me to have.  My wonderful husband, amazing children, perfect little community (my tribe), homeschooling using all the curriculum that I love, the ability for the kids to play outside with friends every day, this beautiful camp to live at, and the ability to be completely stable due to medication.  God is soooooo good!  He knew what I needed and provided it!

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