Date Weekend with My Love

This past weekend the kids were at my parents’.  In fact, we just got them back yesterday afternoon!  It was a really relaxing time for Robert and I.  We slept a lot, hiked a little, hung out in the back valley, watched a lot of Gilmore Girls (me) and Netflix movies (Robert).  We also had a couple of “date nights” at home!  Friday night we had steak, potatoes, and salad.  Saturday night we had homemade sushi!  It was fun experimenting!  I am officially hooked on homemade sushi!  I tried some sushi at a restaurant yesterday and it was terrible!

We took the Jeep into the back valley and got out a few times to hike around.  The plan was to camp out there, but it was SO hot that we decided to come back home.  We stopped at a cabin and spent some time there.



We used this recipe for homemade sushi: Smoked Salmon Philadelphia Rolls.  I used the Alton Brown recipe for sushi rice and it turned out perfect!  We loved it so much (and had the ingredients for it) that we made more last night!  I have some leftover for lunch tomorrow, and I cannot wait to eat it tomorrow!






I’m so thankful to my parents for taking the kids for days at a time. We regularly get time to ourselves and it is really good for our marriage!

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