Sunday, December 4th, at the Home of the Croslands

Because our weeks are so busy these days, I like to spend time preparing for the week on the weekends.  Yesterday I made homemade granola and homemade Greek yogurt.  I baked bread.  I cut veggies for my lunches.  I got caught up on laundry.  I kept up with dishes.  I made an easy dinner of taco soup in the Instant Pot.

Today has been just as busy!

For my self care, I slept in today!  Usually we will go to church, but it was Robert’s weekend to work so we didn’t.

I made sure to take my medicine, fermented cod liver oil, whole foods vitamin, and B12.

I prepped for the day with my daily docket.


I did a little planning for the groceries I’ll need to buy this week.


Levi did homework (mostly stuff that he missed from being out Friday and his weekly spelling/reading) while Ethan re-did some of his work (then colored a picture).




The kids and I cleaned up the house.  They cleaned their rooms and picked up their stuff out of the living room.  Levi dusted.  Ethan vacuumed and mopped.


I cleaned up the kitchen and what was left in the living room.  I made my bed and cleaned up my room.  I did the dishes multiple times.

The house looks great and ready for the week!







(I love our little house!)

I worked quite a bit on my Step 4 Inventory for AA.  I’ll work on it more when the kids are in bed tonight.

Levi and I baked mini sprouted whole wheat pumpkin banana muffins.




I prepped lunches for the week (for the days that I’ll be in town).



Breakfasts will be homemade granola over homemade Greek yogurt or the pumpkin banana muffins.  I’ll have fruit with them.



I sliced homemade bread for the week.


I prepped dinner and right now I’m waiting for it to cook in the Instant Pot.  I’ll be blogging about that once I find out if it turns out or not!

Here’s a sneak peek :-).



Lastly, the kids will take showers, then Robert will clean the bathrooms (I HATE cleaning bathrooms so Robert does that to help me out!).

Tonight we have worship here at camp!  I’m looking forward to it.

This is what a Sunday looks like at the Home of the Croslands!

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