Self Care on This Wonderful, Rainy Monday!

I have a group in which I ask every day what the beautiful ladies are doing to take care of themselves that day.  If you’re interested in being in it, send me a message and I’ll be glad to see if you should be in it :-).  The group is here: Home of the Croslands.

Since today is #movementmonday in my Healthy Habits, Healthy Moms group, I will be doing the HHHM Strength Circuits Workouts.  It’s cold and rainy so I won’t be running (the roads are all dirt and rocks here at camp so it will be slippery!).


Hopefully I can do my Monday Couch to 5k workout tomorrow.  I’m learning to be more flexible :-).


In addition to my workout:

1. Holiday blend coffee (with Pyure and half and half instead of sugar) and Bible study/prayer journal



2.  Eat my healthy breakfast (homemade Greek yogurt and homemade granola with fruit)


3.  Shower, dry hair, put on makeup

4.  Take my medication and supplements



5.  Enjoy classical Christmas music

6.  Go to AA


7.  Enjoying the Christmas lights (I want to keep a tree up year round!)

8.  Blogging 🙂

9. Not cooking tonight!!  Eating in the dining hall!!  That means no dishes as well!

10. Keeping a clean house (as I shared yesterday)

11. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help with my anxiety when it hits (which is rare these days)

12. Going to lunch with my hubby!

What are you doing for self care today?


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