Grocery Geek and Next Week’s Meal Plan

I usually get groceries on Thursdays, but I had time today so I went ahead and got groceries for next week!

Unfortunately, tomorrow I will have to get a few more things that didn’t get today (some that I didn’t put on my list, and some that I decided I needed after the fact), so that’ll be another $20 or so.  Tomorrow I have to buy decaf coffee (HEB Texas Pecan!), rolled oats and slivered almonds (for homemade granola), celery, red/yellow bell peppers, tomato, avocados, and broccoli.

This is what I bought today:



  • 2 pounds of butter
  • 1 lb of natural sausage (for pizza)
  • 2 lbs of grass fed ground beef (this ground beef costs a tiny bit more than the cheap stuff at Walmart… it’s worth it to me!)
  • 24 pack of my beloved Coke Zero (again… this is my vice that I’m okay with right now as I’m learning to live without alcohol!)


  • 2 packages of crackers for the kids’ snacks (I know, not healthy… but they’re easy)
  • 51oz Organic olive oil (I don’t care that it’s organic… it was the exact price as non-organic!)
  • 1lb shredded mozzarella
  • 2lbs mild cheddar block
  • Salsa (the kind we usually get isn’t sold at Walmart… if I had known that I was going to HEB tomorrow I wouldn’t have bought this… oh well)
  • Cottage cheese


  • Tostitos party size chips (all for Robert!)
  • Family size Triscuits (I use these in my lunches every day)
  • 2lbs Sugar in the Raw (for my coffee… I use a combo of this and Pyure)
  • Coffee filters
  • Organic petite carrots (I only get organic because I like the petites)


  • Organic half and half mix (half spring mix and half spinach)
  • Borden whole milk and Chobani plain yogurt for homemade yogurt (I’ll save some of this for our next batch so I don’t have to buy more)

This week we are eating most meals in the dining hall.  I didn’t share my meal plan last week because of that.  Starting next week, probably for the rest of the month, we won’t have dining hall meals.  I already have the month planned!  I tried my best to use things that we already have and to just plan frugal meals.  I will hopefully use my instant pot a lot, but I didn’t plan around that (because I hadn’t received my instant pot yet when I made my meal plan).

Next week:



  • Wrap with cheese, spring mix, cheese, pickles, and Hormel natural deli meat or cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, Triscuits
  • Leftovers


  • Monday- Chili (recipe to come)
  • Tuesday- Homemade pasta sauce over whole wheat pasta and frozen steamed broccoli
  • Wednesday- Breakfast for dinner (with homemade biscuits, bacon, and eggs)
  • Thursday- Eating out (kids’ Christmas Concert)
  • Friday- Homemade pizza
  • Saturday- Dinner at my parents’ as we celebrate Christmas with them
  • Sunday- Black bean wraps


  • Nuts
  • Triscuits
  • Yogurt
  • Wasa and laughing cow cheese
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Breakfast cookies

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