How I Have a (Mostly) Simple Life and How You Can, Too

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December 10, 2016 by Courtney

I have been on a journey to simply my life for a long time.  Sometimes I hit the nail right on the head.  Sometimes I complicate things so much.  I am back to making this a priority, and I want to think about what makes life simple!

Simple living, to me, means:

  • Being grateful every day
  • Being organized so that I work smarter, not harder.
    • My Household Notebook really helps with this believe it or not!  It took some time to put the notebook together, but it makes every day more simple.
  • Planning the days out but being okay when things don’t go as planned



  • Having a small home actually helps keep life simple
  • Not having a bunch of stuff
    • The kids don’t have many toys because they mostly play outside!
    • When clothes don’t fit, we give them away
    • We go through our stuff/clothes often
  • Keeping up with the house a little each day
    • A clean home keeps life simple (less cluttered feeling)
  • Enjoying the little/simple things in life like playing games, movie nights, coffee, good smelling candles, music
  • Exercising and eating balanced for health, self care, and simplicity… not complicating either of these.
  • Enjoying the outdoors!
  • Being balanced in all areas!!
    • Being okay with having the kids eat breakfast and lunch at school because it’s free!  Feeding them well the rest of the time!
    • Being okay with drinking my Coke Zero and coffee with half and half and sugar, but eating well most of the time!
    • Enjoying some things in order to be emotionally healthy!

Spending less is one of the biggest!  How do I do this?

  • What’s the point of spending less?
    • Giving
    • Saving
    • Paying off debt
  • Sometimes buying things that I could make
    • When it’s more complicated and actually costs more
    • Mayo is one example (I bought items to make homemade mayo and it’s WAY more expensive and doesn’t last long!)
    • Bread is another because lately it hasn’t been turning out so I waste that time and money.
  • Sometimes making things that I could buy
    • When it’s not too complicated and costs much less
    • Yogurt, granola, and other breakfasts for example.
  • NOT shopping online regularly because I tend to spend more that way
    • It’s easy to see a number and just click without thinking too much!
    • I often buy stuff online only to have buyer’s remorse soon after!  I have been known to buy something, then cancel it quickly after (if I can).
    • And keeping everything in one or two places keeps life simple for budgeting purposes (and I’m not going all over the place!).
  • Budgeting well and sticking with it (I’ve been keeping up with my actual spending)


  • Not buying natural products if they cost more (this is something that I personally will do better with… if you want to buy natural products, go for it!)
    • But using the natural products that I already have because it would be wasteful to not use them!
  • Meal planning and making a grocery list based on that plan!



  • Eating simple meals
  • Using my Instant Pot
  • Using up what we have here
  • Stocking up when things are cheap (as long as it fits in my budget)
  • We are using one account ONLY for variable expenses
    • This is my account; Robert pays bills and saves out of his account (this works for us with my well known bad spending habits)
  • Keeping receipts to keep track of spending over time
  • Buying store brands and non-organic
  • Even though there are some areas I could have done better this check (like not buying so many natural products), I am proud of how well I did with planning/keeping up with things.  I will get there!!

What is something that you do to keep life simple?

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