Preparation for the Upcoming Week

Because week days are so busy now days, I spend lots of time on the weekends getting ready for the week ahead.

I cleaned the house Friday and we have kept up with it today.

Robert got caught up on laundry today!

I spent the afternoon prepping meals for the coming week!

I cut up lots of veggies.



Prepped my lunches and snacks for my days in town.


I made granola.


I washed the jars for yogurt and made yogurt (it’s in the Instant Pot right now).


I made Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies.  I used a recipe that I found online, but changed it a ton, so I’ll post my recipe soon.


Robert made chili for dinner tonight :-).


Before any of the prep work began, the boys and I played games, and Robert and I played a game!  Karis did some art on the small marker board :-).  It was a great way to start the day :-).





Tomorrow we are going to church (yay!), buying white elephant gifts for our camp Christmas party Monday, and taking family pictures!

We have a busy week coming up with AA, camp Christmas party, doctor appointment in San Antonio, Robert will be busy Wednesday evening, and kids’ Christmas concert Thursday evening.  Next Saturday is Christmas at my parents’, then Sunday our friends are coming to stay!  Looking forward to all of it!

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