Grati-Tuesday, December 20th

Today is Robert and my anniversary!


I am beyond blessed to be married to Robert. He is the most supportive, patient, loving, and caring man I know. He supported me through hospitalizations for mental illness and treatment for alcoholism. He continues to support me today through all that I have to do to stay sober and deal with my mental health. I don’t know what I would do without him. The best part is that he loves me so much and wants to take care of me. He loves me because of who I am, not in spite of the issues that I face each day. Only God knew what we would face when we got married 13 years ago (at the ages of 21 and 23!), but we made the commitment to face everything together, and that is what we are doing. 


I’m grateful for AA and the Big Book!


I’m thankful for God’s word!


I’m grateful for two refrigerators and freezers (and a pantry) full of food!  God has blessed us by meeting all of our needs.


I’m so very grateful for the strength that our family has together.  I wouldn’t be where I am without them!  God has and will continue to use our family for His glory.  I can’t wait to see what He does in our lives!

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