New Year, New and Continued Goals

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December 26, 2016 by Courtney


I’ve changed so much as I’ve gotten out of La Hacienda and learned what’s really important.

New me now means: sober me.  Content with myself.  Continuing with the things I started when I left rehab.

Here are my top 10 new and continued goals:

  1. Continue staying sober!  Which means: Continuing AA several times a week from now on (women’s AA is on M/W, and another AA on Thursdays for a while still), meeting with my sponsor once a week, step work, daily gratefuls, daily prayer and meditation, daily Bible study
  2. Continue learning to be happy with who I am… content… no more dieting!  Knowing that I will probably never lose weight, and that’s okay.  I have so much more to offer than just what I look like.  And, I know that I am beautiful the way I am!
  3. Continue working on self care.  New healthy habits, one at a time.  Not for weight loss, but for self care.  Staying sober and doing all the things to stay sober are also self care.
  4. Become a sponsor!  Probably a temporary sponsor to start, but that’s fine!  I’m excited about sharing my experience, strength, and hope with another alcoholic!  I’m learning about being a sponsor by having an amazing sponsor.
  5. Work more on my blog.  Make it more useable for those who want to print recipes, search, etc.
  6. Start new hobbies, starting with crocheting :-).
  7. Continue with having a daily routine, and getting back to doing a load of laundry a day, keeping up with the dishes, etc.  It’s honestly part of self care for me.
  8. Continue with trying really hard to be frugal, saving, and paying off debt
  9. Continue reaching out to old and new friends who have mental illnesses like me.
  10. Continue working through my anxiety with cognitive behavioral therapy.

The new me started when I left La Ha.  I want to continue growing and learning about who I am.  Life is so good, and I want it to continue!

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