Our Plan for the Kids

Yesterday I wrote a post about my girl who has been struggling.

Today I am thankful to say that we have a plan that doesn’t include me pulling her out of school, and we have realized we need to make more of an effort for one-on-one time with all of our kids!

Tomorrow I’m taking her out for a “girl day.”  We are going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and have lunch.  I’m not sure what else we will do yet.  I want her to feel special :-).


Robert is taking Levi out to lunch and to see Rogue One on Sunday.  He has never really done anything special with just Levi.  Levi is so excited!!!  We gave him the choice of going to Big Bend with the guys in a few weeks or going to see Rogue One and he chose the movie (it’s more him anyway).


And Robert is taking Ethan to Big Bend with him in a few weeks.  Several of the boys here are going with their daddies.

(I didn’t take a picture of him, but here’s a picture I took of him the other day!)


My plan is to daily spend time with Karis in her bed before she goes to sleep to talk about her day and things that she’s anxious about.  Yesterday, after she did her homework, we played a game.  I’m going to start including her in the cooking and baking process as she really wants to learn to cook on her own.  That is one of her goals this year :-).

I will do the same thing with the boys, one-on-one.

These are all things that we do sometimes, but I want to make it a daily thing (like we used to do) instead of a sometime thing.

Karis and I will have weekly mommy/daughter time doing girl things (I’m not girly, but I will be for her).  Robert is going to try to do more one-on-one stuff with the boys.

I will make it a point to tell Karis the great things about her.  She needs that.  Her confidence is so low right now.  I don’t tell her enough how great she is.

I will also try to get my blogging and computer time out of the way during the day so I don’t bring my computer out when the kids are home.  That is one thing she mentioned yesterday.  That I’m on my computer a lot.  And she’s right.  I can put it away in the evenings to spend more time with her :-).

Yesterday on Facebook I said I hate my brain, and I hate that I have to put self care above a lot of things.  A friend said to remember self love and to not hate anything about myself.  She reminded me that none of this is my fault.

I’ve been made aware of Karis’ needs, and all I can do is move forward.

I’m so thankful for her teacher.  She loves Karis and was truly concerned about her.  She wanted to make me aware of her needs so that I could do something about it for Karis.  Karis is in good hands.

This is also about trusting God to help Karis work through her problems.  Life isn’t easy.  She needs to know that.  She also needs to know that God is there.

Working through difficulty is something that we have had to do a lot.  Yesterday I told Karis that I know that she has had a difficult year and lots of change.  I know that she has an adjustment period.  She needs to know that it will get better.  She just has to keep trucking.

I have amazing kids.  I am so blessed by them.  I ask God every day to help me be the mom that they need.

Alright… I am off to get ready to go to town.  Today is counseling and AA.  Then home to love on my kids!

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