Our Awesome Weekend… Quality Time and Prep for the Week

The weekend was fantastic!!

The boys received awards for getting all A’s and B’s (Levi only got one B!).  Karis was close… she made a 76 in math and A’s in everything else.  She’s working on math!



Karis and I made pizza together (she’s browning sausage in this picture!).


We played a game.


Then we had pizza and popcorn while watching The Secret Life of Pets!

Saturday morning, Karis got ready in her fearless, strong, brave, and bold shirt and wore lipstick!


We were ready for our girl day!


We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


We went to Chili’s and she got her favorites: chocolate milk, grilled chicken, and corn.


My meal was pretty amazing as well!  I got my favorite meal: 3 courses for $10!  Ribs and fries, salad, and mini dessert!  Yum!

We went to Starbucks and got Karis a hot chocolate (they were out of her favorite cake pops!).  We also bought her Minecraft Storymode for the Wii.

Sunday was fantastic as well.  Levi and his daddy went to see Rogue One and they went to his favorite restaurant: Schlotsky’s!

While they were gone, Ethan played outside all day.  I worked on my blog and played Super Mario 3 with my girl.



I prepped for the week by making some more muffins.  I also cut up some veggies (I didn’t need to cut many up because I still had some from last weekend).



I made yogurt (it didn’t end up turning out… it was chunky AND runny somehow, so I’ll have to make more today).


I made a yummy dinner of homemade pasta sauce with ground beef, zucchini, and yellow squash; whole wheat pasta; and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


And today’s prep work:

Usually I go to AA on Mondays, but this week will be different since I have a doctor’s appointment in San Antonio tomorrow.  I will be doing my Monday and Tuesday routines today to make up for not being home tomorrow.

This morning I started with my typical morning routine (though I haven’t followed the time very well that I wrote down on my daily docket, whoops!).


So far I have: Started laundry, moved it over to the dryer, started sheets and towels in the washer, done my morning Bible study and prayer journal, showered, and now I’m working on this blog post :-).  I still need to take my meds and supplements, dust, fold and put away laundry, dry and put sheets on beds, do the dishes, bake bread, prep lunches for the week, read my AA step work, blog for tomorrow (Grati-Tuesday), re-do yogurt, pick kids up, do homework with them, make dinner, and do bedtime routine with the kids!  Whew!  I’m tired just typing that out!  See ya!

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