Grati-Tuesday, January 10th

I feel like all the things I’m grateful for have been shared in previous posts, but I’ll share again :-).

The biggest thing is hearing from my daughter’s teacher that she needs more of me.  I have been spending lots of quality time with her lately and it has been just what we both needed.



Yesterday, she had the chance to play with her friends, and she chose to continue playing the Wii with me.


I decided last night to deactivate my Facebook account, and I also deleted the messenger app off of my phone.  I’m hoping that I’ll be more present for all my kids and Robert.


I’m incredibly thankful for my amazing husband.  I feel like I could talk about him in every Grati-Tuesday post.  He is everything I could ever hope for in a husband.  He’s a godly man, has high integrity, is supportive, spends time with his kids, helps me around the house (just ask and he’ll do it right away!), and is always there when I need him.  I am so blessed with him.


I’m thankful for the time to bake bread, bake homemade goodies for breakfasts, make homemade yogurt for breakfasts and snacks, cut healthy veggies and fruits, and make homemade dinners.  I love providing for my family in this way!





Life is good.  These are just a few of the things that I’m thankful for!

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