Simplifying and Organizing

People think that I’m super organized.  And in a lot of ways, I am.  My living area stays clean.




I have a meal planning “hub” and calendar in my kitchen.  The kids’ backpacks have a place to go and there is an organized basket of books in the kitchen as well (for the boys).


In the kitchen is a cabinet with our crafts and supplies.


I have a household notebook to plan my day, help me stay on top of the daily/weekly chores, budget, plan for grocery shopping, etc.






The boys’ rooms are pretty organized.  They aren’t spotless, but they wouldn’t take but 15 minutes to clean and organize.

The two rooms that need help are Karis’ room and our bedroom.  Karis is a disorganized, creative type.  Our room is a “catch all” for everything that doesn’t have a place.

I have put this off long enough.  For the most part, we are pretty simple.  We have a  small house so we don’t have a lot of unnecessary stuff.  But we have accumulated more over the past almost 2 years and it’s time to simplify and organize again.  So that’s my plan over the next few weeks.

My dresser is a mess and so is Robert’s.



I have so many clothes that no longer fit me, and I’m tired of holding onto them thinking that maybe one day they’ll fit.  I will go through them and give a lot of them away.




Since we no longer have an office, our “office area” is in our room and is a mess.  Robert has books on the floor that don’t have a home.


We have a ton of kid books that will probably never be read because they get books from their library (they do a program called Accelerated Reader in which they test and get points).  I will keep some, but I need to go through them.  I have an exercise ball that I never use.


I have curriculum to sell still and a wreath to hang.  Yarn and crochet hooks still in a Walmart bag that I need to learn how to use.


Karis’ room is a MESS.  Stuff everywhere.  Her walls are covered with stuff.  Her closet has stuff falling out of the shelves.  She has a bucket of old toys that she hasn’t played with in over a year (she has outgrown toys!).  Her shelves are full of junk; her dresser, desk, and vanity are all full of junk.  It’s time!  We are going to buy her a new comforter and sheets and simplify the stuff on her walls (for her birthday). It’s going to be so good to help her start out her pre-teen years (well I guess she has already started them, but she’s about to be 11).






She has a hard time sleeping and she gets overwhelmed in her room.  It’s time to solve that.  I really think it’s going to help.

I’m looking forward to having a clean, organized, simple household.  It will help everyone.

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