Weekend Prep, January 22nd


Today has been a busy one, and I actually got a late start to the prep because of that!

It started late because I slept in (totally worth it!).

Then all of our neighbor’s kids came over and played here for a while.

I pulled out my essential oils and decided to sell them.  I had them sold with-in 10 minutes.


Then, I pulled out all of the curriculum that I still had and decided that it was time to try again to sell what I could.


In the middle of my selling, my good friend and neighbor came over and we talked meal planning!  I enjoyed spending time with her :).

Karis and Levi watched 2 Harry Potter movies and ate finger foods for dinner.

They played on the Wii U while I prepped for the coming week.  They stayed up till 11:30 which NEVER happens!  It’s currently 12:45 and I’m still up.  SO crazy!

This is the preparation!

Kodiak Cake banana chocolate chip muffins



I cut veggies, bagged veggies, bagged Triscuits, bagged popcorn, and bagged lunch meat/cheese.


I actually started my yogurt earlier in the day.


I prepped lunches for the week.


I cut veggies for dinners.



I prepped smoothie bags and bagged muffins.


When I wake up (today, technically), I will clean floors, fold and put away laundry, clean bathrooms, and keep up with dishes.  I hope to play with the kids and just enjoy the day!

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