Grati-Tuesday, January 24th


I feel like I don’t have much to share because I have shared most of my recent pics already.  I’ll keep it short and sweet this week.

I am more and more thankful for my family every day!  We are strong together!


Game playing with this guy after he was gone since Thursday morning (I hadn’t seen or talked with him since Wednesday).


Playing games with my Levi


She Reads Truth Bible Study


I love that Levi chooses to read now.  He’s a great reader and he picks books up, sits on his bed, and reads.  It’s beautiful!


I’m SO grateful to have sold all of this!


I’m grateful to live in such a beautiful place.


I’m thankful to be learning so much about how health and weight don’t necessarily have to correlate.  I am healthy and at my heaviest weight.  And that’s okay!


And I’m so thankful for the freedom that I feel since I’m learning to let things go that I’ve been holding onto for a long time!  Praise God!

Freedom pillar Apartheid museum

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