Self Care Saturday


Here is a selfie of me with no makeup.  I never do that even though this is a normal look. I really only wear makeup a few days a week now (church and maybe on the days I go to town… but not every time). I’m thankful for my wrinkles. I like my eyes. My round face. My freckles. My hair because it’s easy to take care of now and throw in a pony tail. My camp eagle shirt (it’s my favorite long sleeve shirt now).

Come on over to Home Of the Croslands Facebook page and share a selfie (on my selfie pic), and tell us what you like!


It’s also self care Saturday!


I worked on my budget (which makes me feel better about money) and did the dishes (I love keeping up with the house!  It helps my anxiety!).

I’m currently drinking lots of coffee and sharing my daily gratefuls with my sponsor.  I am also blogging, which I love.

Part of my self care today will be to choose one of these books and get started.  I think I will just go in order.  I haven’t ever been a big reader, but I have all these books that I want to read!


I will also drink 8-12 cups of water.


Our family will go on a hike this afternoon (when it cools down).  These are some pics of my last hike.



I will eat some Girl Scout cookies but also healthy lunch.  We will have green chile burgers for dinner, which is fun because I love when Robert grills!  In the past, I would have had at least a six pack of beer to go with it ;-).  Now I just enjoy my Coke Zero.  I don’t need beer anymore to enjoy the little things in life.

Enjoy your Saturday!!  What are your plans?

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