Self Care Saturday


I usually do a lot of meal prep on Saturdays, but I don’t have much to do this week.  We still have plenty of veggies cut up, we’re dong half of our meals this week in the dining hall, meat is thawed for tomorrow night.  Also, our house is pretty clean so I don’t have much cleaning to do.  What’s left the kids will do when they get home on Monday.  So I decided to actually take this day as a self care day.

I slept till 9:00.  It was glorious (we usually get up at 5:45).

The kids are at my parents’ right now and Robert has been working on our cars (oil change, rotating tires, putting shocks on our Xterra).  So I’ve just been enjoying listening to music, drinking coffee, enjoying the spring scented candle, and blogging. I’ve also been chatting with a few friends, emailing back and forth with our new pastor about membership and baptism, and reading She Reads Truth.

It’s a gorgeous day outside.  The birds are singing.  It’s 81 degrees, and we have a wonderful view from our back porch.

At 3:00 we are going to friends’ house to start prepping for hot wings for dinner.  At 7:15 we are having a game night with neighbors.

Life is just so good.

What are you doing for self care today?

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