Happy Monday!


I haven’t had happy Mondays lately, but I’m going to choose to make this one happy.

I have decided to split my town days into 2 or 3 (depending on the week) so I don’t have so much in one day… and this way I am at AA 2-3 times a week instead of the once a week that I have been doing.  Also, it helps my depression to keep me moving. Every other day is perfect because I get a day of rest in between.

So today I have women’s AA and counseling (today we’re doing EMDR again).

I’ll be picking the kids up this time because Robert is working.  I will come home, help them do their homework, and just rest.  We have dinner in the dining hall tonight, so no cooking (Robert will probably take the kids and I will eat leftovers… being in the dining hall overwhelms me sometimes).  Robert is going to let me go to bed early tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll keep me from having the terrible week I had last time I did EMDR.

I have been struggling with depression lately… and insomnia again (it takes me hours to get to sleep).  I’m wondering if I’m going through a slight low in my bipolar.  It takes a lot for me to get out of bed every morning and get moving.  If I am home, I nap all morning (which doesn’t help my insomnia!).  I am trying to force myself to keep moving, but it’s hard!  It’s so much easier said than done.

Anyway… I’m working through things.  Feeling rough some days and better some days.  I am trying hard to change my thought patterns because I know that what I’m thinking significantly changes how I feel.


What are your plans on this Monday?  I hope it’s a good one!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I know way too much about you’re going through. Depression, insomnia, bipolar. They’re all a part of my life. It’s hard to get out of bed, isn’t it. I would say be strong but I know to well that nothing I can say will help you. So just know I’m here for you, you’re not alone in this situation. I will pray for you and send strength and positive vibes!

    • Thank you for sharing your journey as well. Every day is a new day so I just keep going as best I can. One day at a time!

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