Hello Wednesday and Fine Arts loop, Writing, Morning Time

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and I’ve been up since 3:50 this morning.  While it was frustrating, I’m thankful for the quiet time that I had alone this morning.  I drank coffee, did my Bible study, planned my day, and caught up on my March monthly calendar (appointments, activities, and meals).

Then I decided  that I had Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers books (just a few) and Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists books (a lot!).  I also found the classical CD’s that I have.

I found my art appreciation kit.  It’s paintings with art study on the back (questions, etc).

I remembered I had Aesop’s Fables.

I pulled out my poetry living book.

I pulled out the novel that Karis is going to study next week.

I pulled out a journal that has blank pages to use for nature journaling.

I remembered that I had these Shakespeare for Children books.

We’re going to start with this one.  We’ll read this book, then read the original on Kindle (free!).

I organized my little read aloud/fine arts/Bible area.

My neighbor is letting us borrow this so I don’t have to buy it!  Karis started it today and no tears!  She did a good job as well!

More poetry books (Poetry for Young People).

Karis did most of her school while I was having my meeting with my dietitian.  I love that she’s independent, but also enjoys doing things with me.

Here she is doing a written narration of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Then she did art.  Today we learned a little bit about Da Vinci.  We learned that he not only was an artist, but also an inventor.  Today she drew a picture of an invention that she would create (a machine to clean the house).

I have since gotten my one load of laundry done, dishes done, swept, had breakfast and a snack, had 8 cups of water, showered, and now I’m blogging and eating lunch!

Next week we are going to add in a Fine Arts loop.  Basically this means that I have Fine Arts subjects that I want to do, but not even once a week.  I just put them in order and we go in order, not paying attention to the day of the week.  So if we miss a day, we just move on to the next thing.  I learned about this in the book Teaching from Rest.  I also learned about morning time from that book.  It’s fantastic!

So my fine arts loop will have the following:

  • Shakespeare
  • Art appreciation
  • Artist study
  • Music appreciation
  • Musician study
  • Poetry
  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Geography

Our morning time (every day) consists of:

  • Quiet time (Bible study)
  • Mom/daughter devotional
  • Poetry memorization
  • Fine Arts loop

We start morning time at around 8:00 (after we have gotten ready for the day, had breakfast, etc).

PE will be hiking and Karis will sometimes ride her bike.  We’re about to go for a hike this afternoon in this beautiful weather!

Then we have choir and book fair at the library in Rocksprings.

Life is good!

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