Geography Unit: Africa

I’m super excited about the geography that we are going to be doing!  I will learn a lot along with Karis!

We will start with this video:

We will read about Africa using these books:

While we watch the video and read the books we will fill out the information on the sheet that is shown with the books.

We will then watch this video:

We will use this Atlas to help us with the countries and capitals:

We will also use this website to help us with map work: NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive Map.

And this: Sheppard Software Interactive Map. 

After she has done her own map work on paper maps, she will test her knowledge using this Sheppard Software Activity.

I found all of these links on the unit: Africa Geography with Maps Middle School Interactive Worksheet Unit.

She will use all of these links to help her fill out the pages in that file.

I purchased this to learn about geography, culture, wildlife, music, food, sports, language, plants, etc.

She will learn about countries, capitals, rivers, and landforms using maps.

We will spend about 20 minutes each day on this.

Can’t wait to get started!

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