Update on All the Things

This week has been busy and long already and it’s only Thursday (it feels like Friday). I’m thankful for all that has taken place, I’m just tired.

I am being reminded why it’s so important to take good care of myself.

Sunday, Karis started counseling. It went really well. I’m so thankful we have found a great counselor for her that she feels comfortable with. They went into his little play/art room that he has set up for counseling. Karis really enjoyed it. The fact that she opened up to him was encouraging. She doesn’t easily open up.

Then Monday Karis and I went to town for me to go to AA and she spent some time with my mom. She took her shopping for her birthday.

Tuesday we left at 7:30am to go to town for Karis’ doctor appointment.

It was a really productive appointment. I was really concerned when I found out that she had lost 3 pounds in a week and a half. She told me that we don’t have to be gluten and dairy free because she really feels that her issues were psychological, not physical. She also said that she needs to eat what she wants so that she’ll gain some weight. She’s in the 5th percentile for her weight.

I talked to her about a few things besides that. I have been concerned about Karis’ struggle with writing. I have been talking with some other mamas about it and many of them suggested that maybe she has dysgraphia. So I did some research and she has many of the signs. So the nurse practitioner gave me a packet to fill out for the mental health and developmental specialist and I might try to get her in to her. Before I do that I’m going to try one more writing curriculum. I have tried it before using the DVD course and it moved too fast for Karis so I sold it last year. I bought a few things, however, that have PDF packets with them. I just happened to look at my account on the website today and it showed that I can still download the items. So, I downloaded the writing source packet. This will be enough to help Karis get a good feel for the curriculum.

We started this yesterday, and she has really enjoyed it!  Yesterday we did a keyword outline.  Today we wrote a rough draft, edited it, revised it, and she published it.  We are starting really slowly to make sure she understands and applies all of the basics of the curriculum.  It’s very different, but I am planning on building one step at a time.

The first thing you do is read a passage, then make a keyword outline.  Each sentence needs 1-3 keywords.

Then, you write the passage in your own words using the keyword outline.  These are the requirements:

After we did that, we edited and revised together.  We use CUPS and ARMS to do this.

She has pretty bad handwriting, but I’m learning that I just need to come to terms with it.  I tried forever to teach her how to write in cursive and it just never caught on.

After we did that, she typed it up!

Over time she will write more compound and complex sentences.  We’re just getting started.

For next year I will be buying Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons.  We are doing ancient history (Story of the World Volume One) so I figured it would fit right in.


Self care

With us being in town 3 days in a row and dealing with Karis’ stuff, I have struggled with self care. My dietitian reminded me yesterday to take care of myself in the midst of it all. Yesterday was no different as I was focused on making final decisions on curriculum for next year, doing school with Karis (which I LOVE), laundry, cleaning up the house, choir, then bedtime routines. I got so behind on my Bible study and we met this morning. That’s self care for me. Time with camp family learning about God’s word. Today I did school with Karis.  This evening and this weekend I will do my best to spend quality time with my boys; however, they tend to want to just play with their friends.  I guess that’s normal.  Tomorrow night is our pizza (homemade) and movie night.  Looking forward to it!

In other news…

Yesterday was a sad day. There was a terrible accident not far from here in which 12 people died. I have been watching videos and reading articles about it.

Then I found out that the founder of Project Semicolon died. This project is what inspired my semicolon tattoo. They haven’t said how she died, but I’m almost positive it was suicide based on her last Facebook post. She was struggling with depression. I’m so sad for her husband and family as well as the mental health community.


All of this reminds me how precious life is and makes me want to love my family and friends better.

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