My Book List

I have never been a reader.  When I was young I struggled with reading and reading a full book was something that didn’t happen much.  When I got to high school I barely made it through my reading.  It was hard for me and caused anxiety.  I was in an honors class twice (10th grade and 12th grade) and I had so much anxiety.  My 12th grade teacher (who I babysat for in high school) wasn’t surprised when I told her after I graduated that I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  She said it all made sense.

Somehow I made it through college, and I did my reading (and sometimes I made it without reading).

At this point, I have sooooo many books that I want to read.  They are all just sitting on my book shelf collecting dust.  Some of them I have started and never finished.  I tend to get through the first 1/3-1/2 of a book and stop.

These past few days I have been planning Karis’ school year for her reading.  I have chosen a book a month for her to study (using units from Teachers Pay Teachers and Bravewriter Arrow and Boomerang), and also a book a month to read along with her history.  So that’s 2 books a month, then she can also choose to read whatever she wants and respond in a reading response journal (I have question cards for this, and I will also teach different literary elements for her to use in her response).  She’s a reader big time so this will be fine.  She has been known to read 1-2 chapter books a day.  She will continue to do that but I want her to dig deep on some.

I have decided that if I’m going to expect her to read, I should do the same.  I’m going to read some books that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, and I’m going to read some of what she’s reading ahead of her so I know what she’s reading.  Some of her books we will be reading aloud together.

This my book list:

April- When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies


Each Little Bird That Sings 

May- Health at Every Size

The Whole Brain Child

June- Tuck Everlasting 

The Tiger Rising 

Strengths Based Parenting

July- Son

The Trumpet of the Swan 

August– Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

The Tale of Despereaux 


September- The Body Keeps the Score

A Wrinkle in Time

October– Autobiography of a Face

For the Love

November– The Warmth of Other Sons


December– Church History in Plain Language

January- The Great Gatsby

The Book Thief


Harry Potter Years 1-7

Some of these books I’ve had forever.  Some of these I have to buy (only a few).

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