Doing What is Best for Each Child

This past week was another week of figuring things out for our family.  Monday we decided that the boys need to stay in school.  At least another year, but possibly until Ethan is in 6th grade and Levi is in 5th grade.  I’m not willing to send them to junior high for many reasons.  But also by then I should be mostly stable and will have several years of sobriety under my belt.  We’ll pray about it again for the year after next, though.

Wednesday was a rough day with anxiety, and I just felt exhausted for some reason.

Wednesday night Robert was out from about 7:30 till about 10:30.  I couldn’t talk to him and I was extremely worried about something.

I was worried that Karis needed more interaction with kids.  She spends all day with just me, and sometimes with her friend across the street that is 2 years younger than her.  She spends a lot of time on electronics because I can’t entertain her all day.  I was also worried that I was trying to save her from difficulty.

I went to bed before he got home.

I woke up the next morning feeling somewhat better about things, and talking to him “sealed the deal” for me.

He said that while he feels public school is best for the boys for now, he doesn’t feel it’s best for Karis.  He feels that homeschool Karis is best for her.

I immediately felt peace again.

I’m so thankful for his leadership in our family.  I’ve learned to listen to him (sometimes I fight it, then I give in).  Through listening to him, I have peace.


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