Now, For Curriculum We Will Use…

…MOST things I already have!  I ordered a few things today (some used).  And I’m borrowing several things from my neighbor!  I am set until we have to buy a few things for next spring!

For the Boys:

Spelling/Phonics (All About Spelling)

I bought these from a friend here at camp.  I will still need to buy a second set of cards for level 2 and level 3, but we’re good for now until they get through level 1 (I have a set of cards in one of those boxes).  I also need to buy a small magnetic marker board to use the tiles on.

The boys have been doing Saxon Phonics at school so they have a good foundation.  I’m just going to build on that!

These are the letter tiles.

Math (Math U See)

We’re borrowing the DVD’s and instruction book from my neighbor.

For Levi (2nd grade level is Beta)

For Ethan (3rd grade level is Gamma)

For Karis:


We’re going to try Spelling Workout.  If it doesn’t “workout” (haha), we will probably switch to IEW’s Phonic Zoo.  It’s just a lot more expensive so we’re going to stick with what’s cheaper for now.  Her spelling is not so great.  I’m hoping this helps!

Math (Math U See Epsilon)

We have everything that we need for this.  Instruction manual, tests, student book, DVD, and manipulatives.

For All Three:


This has been the area that I have struggled with deciding on.  I was thinking about going with All About Reading for the boys again, but I have SO many resources to teach comprehension skills and strategies along with fluency so I feel it would be pointless.  Over the years I have purchased SO many things on Teachers Pay Teachers, so I thought I’d share what I have.

Reading Response Sentence Stems and Starters

Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Activities

Independent Reading Resource Pack

Reading Response Menus

Graphic Organizers Set

Independent Novel Study for Any Book

Literary Elements Resource Binder

Informational Text Question Cards

Reading Response Question Cards

The Book Umbrella Novel Studies

Task Cards (I have Making Connections, Theme, Compare and Contrast, Inferencing, Main Idea, Author’s Purpose, and more!)

I also downloaded a ton of things from This Reading Mama.  These things were all free.

The boys will read some of these books plus books that they choose from the library.

I will use these picture books as “mentor texts” to teach the comprehension skills and strategies.

Karis will be reading these books along with library books.

We will also be using some Brave Writer Literature Units.

For Karis, we will do Boomerang Single Issues for some of the novels that we have.

For the boys, we will do some Arrow Single Issues for some of the novels that we have.

These are just a few pictures of what I already have printed out.  I have a ton of resources all ready to use!

They will do some reading response in a journal and some on these graphic organizers.

And I will use FCRR for fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary activities.  These are all free.

I will take everything a week at a time, and I’m thankful that I have so much to change it up!


Karis and Ethan will be doing IEW Student Writing Intensive A–  I got this for $57 + $10 for the student PDF.  This would have cost $124 (including shipping) from the website.  I also own the DVDs for the parent to watch.  I have only watched 2 so far, but I hope to finish them this summer.

Levi will be doing IEW Bible Heroes Themed Writing.  I was thinking I would do the Student Writing Intensive for all three kiddos, but when I got the student book I felt that it would be a little too hard for Levi, so I bought something that is on his level.


Karis and Ethan will be doing IEW Fix It Grammar, The Nose Tree.  Karis is already about half way through it.  She will move on to the next one probably in December/January.  I will take it very slow with Ethan as it’s a lot of new stuff.

Levi will have some grammar covered in his writing.  He is a bit too young for Fix It.  I will start that with him in third grade.

Science (Apologia Astronomy)

I had this for this past year but I wasn’t consistent with it.  We’re going to use it in the fall.  The hope is to get it finished to start Chemistry and Physics the next semester!  We’ll see what happens!  If we do a lesson a week we will get it done by December/January.


We’re borrowing this from my neighbor.

I bought these to go with it.  The encyclopedia has internet links to go with it.

Karis will be reading these novels, one a month, to go with it.


We will use this encyclopedia, do the internet links, and memorize states, countries, etc.

Morning Time

I haven’t been super consistent with this in the past, but I’m going to try again :-).  I have so many great resources that I want to use!  I will probably shoot for doing this 2-3 times a week.  I will do this on a loop schedule.


I’ve had this a long time, and this is another thing I’m going to try again.  I will shoot for doing it a couple days a week.

Handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears)

For Levi

For Ethan

For Karis

I think this is everything :-).  It seems like a lot, but many things we will not do everyday (especially the morning time!).

Next up: Planning my reward system, rules, organizing our school room, organizing my homeschooling binder for all 3 kids, and organizing the kids’ binders!

Can you tell I’m excited?!

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