School Room, Rules, Reward System, Chore Charts and Commission

So a few months ago when I started thinking about wanting to homeschool the boys again I started watching this YouTuber called Homeschool on the Hill.  I had searched for videos on the spelling that I will be doing with Karis and it brought me to her.  I have watched so many of her videos, and I have learned so much!  One of the videos that I took so much from was about her rules and rewards system.  I literally copied her rules completely.  They are just so thorough and cover everything.

I am doing pretty much the same reward system but I already had everything to do that so it just makes sense.

I bought these sticker charts about a year ago and for a while we used them for chores, but I have gone to a commission system for that (more about that to come).

I will be using the sticker charts for the reward system now.  I’m going with her system of 3 strikes and you’re out.  They will get a sticker if they get less than 3 checks by their name on the board (the hope is ZERO checks, but let’s be real, that’s not likely to happen).

If they want to, after 5 stickers they can get something from the treasure box (little pieces of candy from Easter, ha!).  I may add some toys and things to it to earn if they would like as well.

If they want to save up, they can get a coupon for 10 stickers.

I have some coupons that I got from a friend (they are Christmas coupons, but oh well).

Our rewards include:

  • Delayed bedtime
  • Cook something yummy (their choice)
  • Bubble bath with candles and lots of bubbles
  • Go to the library today
  • You choose dinner
  • Brand new pencil
  • Movie rental (we use Amazon Prime)
  • Sleep in
  • Delayed start to school one hour
  • Reading day! Curl up with a good book
  • Your birthday off
  • No handwriting this week
  • Get out of one assignment
  • Science experiment of choice
  • Out to lunch
  • Get out of one chore
  • 100 on spelling test
  • Unlimited electronic time (after school)
  • Trip to movies (all 3 kids with a full chart)

I realize that not everyone agrees with a reward system, but I have seen it work really well in the classroom so I’m going to give it a shot!  There will be some things that they will just flat out lose privileges for such as tantrums, hurting someone, talking back, bad attitude toward me, lying, being sneaky, etc.  The consequences will be losing electronic privileges, losing the opportunity to play with friends, getting things taken away, etc.  We don’t really spank anymore because we never really found it to work.  Losing privileges and rewards are the biggest motivators to make good choices.  I’m hopeful that this time will go more smoothly.

Now onto chores…

We have a fantastic system in place that has been working consistently for quite a while.  The kids have a chore chart and they get 25 cents per check.  This is a Dave Ramsey thing… he calls it commission.  They won’t do every chore every day… it’ll be as needed.  Then they get paid like someone does when they work.  They then have to save some and can spend some.  On the weekends we clean the whole house as a family.  We call this our “weekend chores.”  It works really well!

And our school room…

It’s very tiny.  We don’t even have room for everyone to have their own workspace.  Luckily Karis likes to do her work in the living room (on the couch and floor!), so I have a space for each boy.  Honestly, we will probably do a lot of their work at the kitchen table anyway.  It’s just good for them to have some space to sit and do some of their independent work (they don’t have a ton, but they have some).

Here it is!

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