Such an Amazing Week!

We are all falling in love with homeschooling.  I am sooooo thankful that I found the curricula that I have and that I found out about the Brave Writer Lifestyle.  It has completely changed our homeschool.

This is a recap of this week (minus the pictures that I shared the other day).

We only had “evening time” (we do that instead of “morning time” because it works best for us) once this week, and frankly, I’m okay with that :-).  I’ve learned to just do the best I can.  The other nights we stayed up late watching movies :-).

Yesterday we took our first nature hike.  Ethan and Levi both had cameras and Levi acted like he had never hiked that trail before (even though we have hiked it numerous times).  It was like he was seeing things for the first time.  It made me so happy.  All three kids had baggies to gather items.

When we got home, Levi and Ethan painted pictures and all three kids did leaf rubbings.

They had so much fun!

For spelling time, the kids get to choose an activity from a list of spelling practice activities, and they all chose to write their words in shaving cream.  I guess 11 isn’t too old for that!  They are so excited about some of the options on their list!

Yesterday afternoon Karis and I played Yahtzee for a few hours while the boys played with Legos in the living room.  It was such a nice, relaxing afternoon!

Then last night we made stove top popcorn, cut up cheese and lunch meat, got out the veggies, and had “finger foods” while we watched “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves” (cute movie!).

This morning was so lovely! We had our first Poetry Teatime, then we did our first Friday Free-write!

Up to this point the house had been a disaster (which I was kind of okay with) so before we left I decided we needed to clean the house!  We worked together and got it done in about 45 minutes!  The kids’ rooms aren’t spotless, but I’m okay with “good enough.”  I am in LOVE with our little house (the school room isn’t pictured here).

Then, we set off to my parents’ house!  It is SOOOOO hot here in Texas.  It was over 100 every where that we were.  The kids got into the pool immediately!

This is going to be a relaxing weekend here at my parents’!  Robert is actually is going to be here soon and will get to hang out with us this weekend!  He has been so busy and hasn’t been able to get away!

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