Rainy Wednesday, February 21st

Rainy Wednesday.png

It’s not spring, but it feels like it.  It’s raining and it’s supposed to rain all week long.  I like a little bit of rain.  But a whole week of it is a bit much.  It makes me feel down.  I love sunshine and birds singing.  I love being able to open my windows and feel the breeze.  I love being able to step out my door and go for a hike (have I mentioned that we live on 1400 acres with lots of hiking trails?).  Right now it’s 37 degrees.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Anyway… enough complaining.

Yesterday was long and exhausting, but it was so good at the same time.  At the 12 step meeting we had four people (we’re not calling it AA anymore so addicts feel welcome as well (there are a lot of addicts in our town), but we are still using the Big Book).  This is great for the beginning stages and in a very small town (1100 people).

Then I had lunch with my friend that started this meeting with me.  She’s so great.

I hung out at the library for a few hours as I waited for the kids to get out of school and I got started on my outline for the “My Story” posts that are coming up.  I chatted with the wonderful ladies in the library (we have an amazing library and school).  The kids got out of school and then Karis had choir.  The boys finished their homework and played on the computers in the library.

Then we came home, had dinner, and I went to a baby shower for one of my dear friends.  It was beautiful and amazing.  I’m so thankful for our amazing community here at camp.  I don’t want to be anywhere else.  It was “Magnolia” themed.

I got home late which meant I couldn’t get to sleep till about 2:00am.  Not fun.  Luckily my wonderful husband took care of everything this morning (getting the kids ready and driving them to the bus).  I don’t know what I would do without him.  My friend was saying we need to clone him because he helps out so much.  Hehe.

On another (positive) note…

I have been blogging for like 10 years (at least).  I have focused on sharing it with my family and friends and have kind of gotten frustrated that it wasn’t getting out “there” for people to follow and like.  Yesterday I chatted with a wonderful blogger friend that gave me some tips for getting more involved in the community.  I just didn’t know about all of the options out there to connect!

Most importantly I didn’t know about the WordPress Reader.  Hello?!  Where have I been?  This is amazing.  I am able to search and read blogs about things that I am interested in and in turn people read my blog.  I read some great blogs yesterday about anxiety, depression, bipolar 2, alcoholism/sobriety, and more!  I’m so thankful that she pointed me there.  Oh, and it’s on the WordPress app as well.

Come over to the Home of the Croslands Facebook page.  I hope to start doing live videos soon.  I’m a little nervous about it, but I think it will be great!


On this Rainy Wednesday I will be having coffee with a friend, hosting a Bible study at my home, and making dinner for new friends that recently moved to camp.  I’m making my instant pot carnitas.  We will also have instant pot pinto beans, Spanish rice, and chips and guacamole. Yum.  These people have been amazing so far, and I’m so thankful that they are here.  They have 5 kids and my kids feel so connected to them already.  They are great kids.

Sorry that these posts have been somewhat scattered these days.  I hope to really start focusing in on specific things.  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy just getting to know me, my struggles and things that I enjoy, and my life here at Camp Eagle.

Happy Wednesday!

One thought on “Rainy Wednesday, February 21st

  1. I’m so happy you mentioned me! I sure wasn’t expecting it. So happy I have actually helped you and that you are enjoying blogging more because of your new found tools. I hope you make many new friends and that our community brings you so much joy and support as it has for me. ❤️

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