Grati-Tuesday, March 6th


Friends!!  My goodness.  It is already Tuesday.  In MARCH.  February flew by and now one of my favorite months is here!  I absolutely love months when the season changes.  New season means new opportunities.  New growth.  New possibilities.  It’s wonderful.

And here in southwest Texas, it’s basically already spring.  The weather is warm.  The birds are singing.  The flowers are blooming.  There’s a stinking gnat flying around my succulent plant at my desk that I cannot seem to catch.  Haha.

I have been stable (for the most part) since the end of January, which is officially the longest I have been stable so far in years.  I’m still not sleeping great, but everything else seems to be good.  I have had a few “down days,” but I’m always better the next day or at least with-in a few days.  I’m told this is just normal emotions.  I wouldn’t know.

Still though, I’m taking it one day at a time.  I literally could tank tomorrow.  So I cannot assume things will continue as they are.  I am doing everything I can, though, to keep going!  Lots of self care!  Taking my meds.  Doing things that I enjoy.  Investing in things that are important to me.  Keeping up with the house and laundry.  Bible study, prayer, and worship.

I love my new business!

Since I’ve decided to be a Younique presenter, I have: worn makeup almost every day (though my makeup sucks), taken better care of myself (you know, shower daily, floss daily, worn moisturizer on my face daily, and fixed my hair most days), talked with and been in training with an amazing sponsor, felt a sense of purpose again for the first time in a long time (and that I can actually DO this), felt more confident and gotten out of my comfort zone (so much more of this coming!), feel excitement for something other than cleaning and organizing, and made some new great friends! I’m sure there’s more. I had no idea what I would be getting into by buying my presenter kit (that I haven’t even received yet). Cleaning, organizing, napping, and blogging sometimes isn’t something that takes up 10 hours of time each day. I’m so so so excited. I probably won’t stop saying that. I see a big future ahead for the first time in a long time.

Also, I have enjoyed being home lately! I have made my home just how I want it. It’s cozy and beautiful. My bedroom has changed a lot and my office is amazing. It’s perfect for working and blogging.

I know I share pictures a lot, but I’m just so proud of how it has turned out!

My flowers are blooming so beautifully and my succulents are beautiful as well. I have planted my herbs in my windowsill herb garden.

I’ve started a reading time with my kids (again) and it’s so precious to me.

I could probably go on and on. I just feel good about life, and I’m enjoying every moment (well most moments at least).

So so so grateful. Thank you Jesus!

I know this is being posted very early morning on Wednesday, but I forgot to finish the post yesterday and I’m awake now so I’m finishing it!

Life is good!

What are you grateful for?

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