A Simple Meal Plan

Just like with everything else in life, I try to keep things simple and organized.  If not, I feel like life is chaos and I don’t handle that well!  So, my meal planning is super simple.

Luckily this month we are eating most meals in the dining hall. I like to keep a few easy things on hand just in case dining hall doesn’t work out for some reason.  And sometimes I just can’t handle being around a lot of people (Robert and the kids feel this way sometimes as well).

What is the dining hall you ask?  Well, we live on site at a Christian camp and we have a dining hall that serves guests.  If there are more than 45 guests, staff and families are allowed to sign up for meals.  I didn’t get signed up in time for this week so we are eating at home, but we have so many dining hall meals this month!  And this will continue from now through August!  So most of our groceries this month will be the basic things like produce for snacks, dairy, eggs, etc.  We don’t eat breakfast in the dining hall.  We keep them simple.

This is what my meal planning “hub” looks like.

The dry erase calendar is on the left, and on the right is where I house magnets that have food written on them.  These are our basic meals that we eat often.  Where it says meat, I have made it our main dishes so it may not only be meat.  The clip board underneath the calendar has any recipes that we will be using for new meals that we are trying.  Sometimes if I feel the desire to blog my meal plan, I will include it there as well.  I have other events and things written on the calendar also.

Here’s a close up.  Like it says at the top, DH means dining hall.  Most of our meals are there this month!

This is a close up of the magnets; though, it’s hard to see what they say in the pic because they are fading (I made them years ago).

Meal planning for a week typically takes a few minutes, even on a week where we eat all meals at home!

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