All or Something Update

I just wanted to give an update on where I am with my soda drinking.  It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since I decided to quit drinking them.

What I successful?  Depends on how you look at it.

I have had some.  I had one at McDonald’s and one at Sonic last Thursday.  I had a can at camp on Saturday and a can yesterday.  I had a Sonic drink today.

Though I have been drinking some soda, I feel successful.

The reason for deciding to stop completely was because I didn’t think I could handle drinking some.  I thought it was all or nothing for me.  But so far, my #allorsomething is that I am allowing it outside of my home.  I drink decaf tea (plain or peach) with liquid stevia, sparkling water (with and without True Lime mix in it), or water at home.  I’ve been more hydrated, I’ve been sleeping better, and my digestive system is working better.  I don’t want to stop that.

So, for me, I have found my #allorsomething, and I plan to stick with it!

This is huge!  Maybe it was more of a bad habit than anything.

Only time will tell!  I’m giving it a bit of time before I feel know for sure if this sticks!

2 thoughts on “All or Something Update

  1. Great that you have control over this. I have reached the point where soda bothers my stomach, so not an issue. Have you tried flavored seltzer? A good alternative

    • Yes, I drink sparkling water and decaf tea mostly :-). If I have more than one it bothers my stomach as well. But I would keep drinking anyway.

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