After Years of Struggle, I Have Found My Sweet Spot: You Can, Too!

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Things that are going on…

Whew.  This week has been long and rough in a lot of ways (with some amazing mixed in).  It was the first week of school and at the same time our camp staff retreat.  Lots of driving, drama with Ethan and his teachers (always drama with that one but his teachers were expecting WAY too much on their first week of school), severe anxiety, amazing hike with Robert and friends, time to connect with Robert, meetings about how to improve camp and how we’re doing well, worship, listening to people talk about how camp has changed their lives, amazing food, more anxiety, and missing routine.  I’m so so happy to be home and we will be home for a while now.  No more traveling until we decide to go camping in the fall.

Here are pics of the retreat!

This is their amazing waterfront!  A wade pool leading to the clear river!

Robert and lots of friends enjoyed the Blue Hole!

Meetings discussing how we can improve this year as well as talking about how we are doing well.  Worship was amazing and I needed it.  Our little “Casita” was perfect.  I sat out on the back porch one night and enjoyed prayer journaling.

I was so amazed at myself for doing the hike!  It was super hard and straight uphill, then straight downhill.  Then we had this amazing view.  I’m glad I went even though it was a great challenge.  I needed that to remind myself what I am capable of.

Yesterday I did some major shopping.  Groceries for 2 weeks (and we were out of everything because we haven’t been home much), more school supplies (round 3), meds (6 prescriptions and I am picking up 2 more on Monday), lunch out, and gas.  I also had to order some shorts because even though it’s almost fall, it’ll be hot here for a while and my favorite pair of shorts are now in the trash due to a large hole.  I only have one other pair that sort of fits.  So there’s that.  I’m pretty much out of money now.  Lol.  Robert gives me enough money for our variable expenses and he pays the bills and puts money in savings.  It works for us because I’m such a spender, and I would spend money that we didn’t have.

I felt great gratitude as I looked at my mango tea and realized that I have come a long way.  Two years ago, my go to drink was multiple large Blue Moons.  Now it’s their amazing mango tea (with free refills!).  I look forward to it!

Mango tea

Last night, I enjoyed some family time :-).  I played my favorite game with my honey, had good food, and watched him fall asleep peacefully.  I love my hubby and kids so so much.

Dinner was chicken thigh fajita meat, homemade refried beans, queso fresco cheese, sour cream, and Julio’s salsa on Tortillaland corn tortillas (the ones that you have to cook).  So so amazing.

Karis was showing her pre-teen yesterday, and I thought her shirt was perfect for the occasion.  Haha.  Her shirt should also say “when I was tired.”

Today Robert took Levi to a cavern and to look for rocks.  He’s really into rocks and minerals right now and he NEVER gets to do things with us on our own.  Also, the other kids just wanted a lazy day so that’s what we’re doing.  I am super sad that we didn’t go with them, but I’m trying to take a step back so Robert and Levi have this special time.  We’ll make it up to the other kids eventually.

I feel like this was a super random post, but that’s okay.  Sometimes that will happen.  Sometimes I just need to dump out what is on my mind.  And what that is right now is all that has been going on!  Tomorrow I will be posting my meal plan for the next two weeks.  Then next week I will post more things that I’m processing through!

Have a great weekend!

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