My Life is Changed for the Better

Most of you know my story. Losing my brother to suicide. Depression. Bipolar 2. Severe anxiety. Suicidal ideations. Trying to work and having to quit more times than I can count. Trying to homeschool so many times. Alcoholism. Inpatient stays including a mental health facility and rehab. I had spent years and years barely surviving. I would have a good few weeks then go back down. No mental stability.

Last October we decided to stop trying to homeschool for good and that our kids would be public school kids from now on.

I felt a huge weight lift, but yet again the depression settled back on me in November. Because that’s just what I had to live with for the rest of my life, right?

In January of this year I started feeling somewhat better after cleaning the house out and organizing it really well. I got rid of all my teaching and homeschooling stuff and while it was sad, it was a relief.

Fast forward to March. I had been watching my friend Lauren do live videos sharing her makeup. I had talked to her many times but just didn’t know if I should bite the bullet because what if I started something new and got depressed again?

We got our income tax refund and I thought about buying the Kudos that month but decided to buy the presenter kit because it wasn’t much more and it came it sooooo many products.

Immediately I felt a new excitement and purpose for my life. I hadn’t even received my kit and I started making live videos sharing why I wanted to do this.

Friends, my life hasn’t been the same. It’s sounds silly, but a $99 kit changed my life.

I have purpose, a desire to work harder each day, confidence, I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone, I have made amazing friends that are quickly becoming close friends, I see really good things in my future, and the best part is that I’ve only had a few down days and had anxiety a few times since I started! This is huge self care for me. Self Care is basically my number one goal each day (because I’m a better wife, mom, friend, etc when I’m taking good care of myself).

Also, of course, the meds that I’m on have helped, but I know Younique is a HUGE part of why I’m doing so well these days.  I’m so thankful that God led me to this opportunity.

You’re worth it friends. Do something for yourself that could change your life.

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