Grocery Geek, September 7th

I used the grocery pick up at our Walmart for the first time on Friday and it was amazing. I knew exactly how much I spent before I picked up my groceries. I was super proud of myself because I spent about $125 a week for two weeks (on Friday I spent $216, then Robert picked some things up yesterday at our small grocery store for $39).

Here is what I bought on Friday:

I bought lots of processed foods and not much in the way of organic and natural because of where we are in life right now. I have zero guilt for it. And for once I don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation. It’s freeing being who I am and not trying to measure up to some ideal.

I love seeing a stocked pantry (and cabinet and fridge and freezer).

These pics were taken before I did my food prep for the week.

Here’s my food prep:

I cut veggies for my veggie tray, made protein oatmeal, frittata, cut veggies for salad, combined a bagged salad with spinach, made pinto beans to freeze and use this week, made peanut butter pies, cut strawberries, and cut cantaloupe. I also made 2 full meals today for lunch and dinner. We cleaned the house and got caught up on laundry. Today was so busy and productive!

What do you do on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead?

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