Lazy, Self Care Saturday

Earlier this week we planned to take the kids to the football game then camping in the back valley here at camp this weekend.  Later in the week we realized that it was going to be raining all weekend so we changed our plans.

Yesterday was so nice.  I relaxed and cleaned.  I did my makeup using new eye shadow colors and practicing our eye brown palette (that is currently on sale!).

Makeup .jpg, new eye shadow

The sky was amazing as the storm was coming in.

We had game night with friends.  We played Monopoly Deal, Uno, and 42!  It was so fun!  Karis made her amazing cupcakes.

And today?  Well today we are being really lazy.  Well maybe not really lazy.  I did the dishes and picked up a bit.  But currently I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this blog post, next to a pumpkin spice candle, listening to instrumental Christmas music (I know… it’s only September… but I enjoy it and that’s all that matters!).  The kids are playing with their friends.  It’s going to be raining all day.  The high isn’t getting out of the 70s which is super nice for Texas in mid-September.

Christmas music

It’s 2:00 and I’m still in pajamas.  I have only eaten one meal today because I woke up really, really late.

might do some food prep.  We’ll see!  Haha.

I’m about to read.  I’m reading an amazing middle grades fiction book that my friend wrote.  It released recently and it’s so good.  The kids are going to really like it!

The Hotel Between

What are your plans this weekend?  Lazy?  Productive?  Busy with activities?

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