Minimalism and Living Simply

Minimalism and Simple Living

This has been a desire for me for a long time.  It is something we have focused on here and there over the years, and I plan to work on it some more soon.

I go through our “stuff” a few times a year yet I feel like it still multiplies.

I’m planning to work hard on this house to minimize even more!

My plan:

  • Go through books.  Even though I have reduced books significantly, we still have so many books that we will never read.  I plan to stick with classic novels or novels that are really loved by kids/me :-).
  • Go through movies.  We have so many that will never be watched again.  Lots of little kid movies.  Our kids are watching good stuff now.  Haha.
  • Clothes, yet again.  There are still so many things that we don’t wear.  Mostly Robert and I, but the kids a bit as well.  Karis is growing into a teenager and a lot of the clothes that she has she doesn’t wear anymore.  I knew this was coming, but I’m a bit in denial still.
  • Food.  There are probably things that are expired that need to be thrown away. Or things that we won’t ever eat that can be given away.
  • Toys.  We are pretty much past toys except for Legos, Nerf guns, and Ethan still loves cars.  So lots of stuffed animals (I will keep the good ones like our Dr. Seuss ones, etc) can go and pretty much most things that they have in their toy bucket because they literally never play with them.
  • I’m going to clean out my office closet again and our master closet.  Under the sink in our bathroom.  Kitchen gadgets that we don’t use.  Coffee cups that we don’t use (we have SO many).

This isn’t necessarily minimalism, but it is more minimalist than what we are currently living out, so it’s good enough for me!

Here are some pics of our current situation (the boys’ room and my office closet are the worst!).

Books (they are all spread out around the house):

Kitchen (these are the areas where I need to purge/organize… the rest of the cabinets are fine):


While some areas are organized and some could be easily organized, when I look at these pictures, I see SO MUCH STUFF.

I plan to get started next week.  I hope to focus on one room/area at a time.

Christmas gifts this year are things that are super useful.  We’re getting Karis quality things for backpacking (and we plan to take her on a big trip for her birthday).  We are getting Ethan a bike (because he wants to start focusing on racing again and his current bike is too small!) and giving Levi his old bike (with a tune-up of course).  Levi will get some Wii U games and a controller.  And an iPod touch that I got refurbished for $30.

They will all get books in their stocking and a game or two for the family (we are really into games these days).

Then we will give our parents and grandmas pictures of our family.

That’s it.  Super simple.

What does this look like for you?  Do you care to live with minimal stuff?  How do you do it?

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