Daily Movement Habit Update

I decided earlier this week that I would be making some changes to improve my reflux and start feeling better (as I wrote about).  Movement was the main habit that I planned to focus on (making a few dietary changes that I knew would benefit my severe reflux).

I started those changes Tuesday and today I notice a huge difference, already.

Tuesday I did yoga with a friend, Wednesday I hiked with friends, yesterday I did yoga with my daughter, and today I did about half of Couch to 5k.  I’m definitely having to start off slow with how much I do each day, but I’m learning that a daily movement habit is the way to go.  The days I did yoga, it was only 15 minutes.  The hike was over an hour.  And today my walk/jog time was less than 30 minutes.  But just moving makes me happy and feel great.  I don’t care how long at this point.  Consistency trumps intensity (as we say in B365).

Also, eliminating sodas, eating 3 hours before bed, drinking more water, reducing spicy foods, etc have made a HUGE impact on my reflux and sleep.  I have been going to bed easily at night now.

Today I spent some time working through my movement habit worksheet (Balance 365), and I worked on my habit tracker.


It’s so amazing to be feeling physically well, and it will only get better.  I haven’t felt this good in a very long time.

I ordered myself some new running shoes (thanks to a good deal and money in my clothing budget).  I can’t wait to get them!

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