Happy Sunday- Prayer and Movement

In keeping with my daily movement and not doing movement yesterday, I decided to do yoga and hike today.  But only because I really wanted to!

I have had lots going on in my mind the past few days and needed to pray and get out of my head for a bit.

The yoga was a great flexibility practice by Yoga with Adriene.

Then during my hike, I enjoyed nature, taking pictures, movement, and prayer.  It was just what my heart needed.

Through the yoga practice and prayer while hiking (and writing in my prayer journal), God made it clear that I was trying to control things that weren’t mine to control.  This has been a regular problem for me, but I happened to have two situations that were happening this weekend causing me anxiety because I was trying to control things.

I have been sleeping so well lately because of my daily movement habit and I have been waking easily in the morning.  I’m so thankful that I finally had the desire to get moving!

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