Gratitude and Update

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Gosh, life is so good.  I still can’t believe where I am with my mental health after years and years of struggle.  And because I’m feeling well mentally, I can be the wife, mom, friend, daughter that I want to be.

I can enjoy all the things now.  I’m able to focus in on things that in the past I wasn’t able to.

I’m able to read.  Work on healthy habits in a balanced way.  Have more grace for myself.  Spend time with family and friends.  Keep my house clean.  Go camping/backpacking.  All the things.

So clearly I’m alway, always thankful.  I have a daily gratitude habit in which I list 10 things that I’m grateful for at the end of every day.  It has transformed my life because even on hard days I am able to focus on the good.

Today I will do this on this blog post, including pictures!

My honey enjoys playing with my kids.  Whether it’s board games, Nerf wars, Wii games, etc, he’s all about it.  I’m blessed with a husband that is a good daddy to his kids.

I really like this pic.  I don’t usually like pictures of me with my hair up, but this one just shows real life and natural beauty that I don’t normally see.  I have a little makeup on here, but it’s very minimal.  My glasses help me see my computer screen better and help me see books easier.  I’m thankful for all of these things.

I’m falling in love with yoga.  I do it once a week (ish) with my neighbor/friend and I’ve been doing it more often on my own as well.  I keep it super simple right now and I’m okay with that.  I will get to the harder stuff eventually.

I think today I’m going to do a program called Every Day Strong through Balance 365.

Tomorrow I’m going hiking with a friend.  I love doing movement with friends because 1) I get to chat with the people that I enjoy being with, 2) It is accountability that helps me get out/up and move.

I had gotten out of my daily movement because I went to my friend’s house and it took me a while to pick it back up (it wasn’t a habit yet), but I’m just giving myself grace and moving forward.

Time with Jesus is a priority.  In my personal study I finished reading 2 Peter today.  I’m going to start 1 John tomorrow!

I have started using a book called Praying with the Bible.  

It’s literally praying through scripture.  I love it.  I got this book when I was inpatient in the mental hospital in 2014.  I got several books.  This one is my favorite.

I love game nights with my kids.  Robert is out of town for a training and we have played games and watched movies and had yummy food.

Last night we watched A Christmas Story, had homemade pizza (I’m about to blog about how I do this), and curled up and got cozy since it’s super cold out.  Speaking of…

This morning it was 19 degrees!!  Super cold for Texas this time of year.  It’s usually in the 40s for lows 50s and 60s for highs.  I love it for the most part because I love long sleeves, leggings, comfy boots, and thick sweaters.  I have listened to a lot of Christmas music, enjoyed the Christmas lights around my house, and the candles that smell like Christmas.

I know it’s “early” to most, but I LOVE Christmas lights.  They are peaceful and comfy cozy to me.  I think I’m going to leave some up to enjoy through the year.  I love my beanie as well!  A friend of mine made it for me a few years ago, and I’ve just started getting into wearing them.  I have a few others that I love.

Bible study night is my favorite night of the week.  I usually make dessert every week, provide coffee, and provide hot tea.  This week I didn’t make the dessert; my friend did.  And it was amazing.  Pumpkin cream cheese dip, ginger snaps, and apples! That candle was made by her son.  He makes them and sells them!  I’m so thankful for my amazing community.  I don’t know what I’d be without them.  They bless me every day, and I love them!

Next week we are going camping and backpacking as a family.  I cannot wait.  Our kids love camping and backpacking and we don’t do it often enough.  It’s going to be super cold, but I’m learning to layer so hopefully we will be okay.  My kids handle cold better than I do, so I think they will be okay.  The first two nights we will be just car camping then the third night we will be backpacking.  We’re going to Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Now the update…

A few posts ago I wrote about applying to teach at the kids’ school.  I was hoping that the kids would have a teacher that loved teaching along with a teacher that was actually certified (the one that was let go wasn’t).  I heard over the weekend that the principal had interviews lined up which is fine.  I mostly just want them to hire someone great!  In the meantime I’m realizing that most likely he won’t be interviewing me.  I don’t think the principal likes me a whole lot because I was super vocal and a strong advocate for my son who has been struggling since he was 4/5.  I had to go “above” the principal several times because he would never respond to me.  So, because of all of that, I’m sure I won’t be one of the people that he interviews.

I’m totally fine with that.  All along I was okay with whatever happens and honestly, I’m not sure that I would want to work for him (there are many reasons).

I love life just as it is and I wonder if teaching would make life so much harder for me.  I know that God has a plan and a reason so I’m trusting him!

In the meantime, Ethan has started testing for dyslexia.  I’m so so glad that I finally decided to do that.  He struggles with both reading and math.  I’m not sure how he has passed the state test because he can’t read well and I have to help him so much in math.  Currently he’s making a 61 in math.  He doesn’t have a grade in ELAR yet… the 6 weeks just started and he doesn’t have a teacher (he has a sub).  I’m not sure how that works.

God works everything out and I trust him to take care of things even when I don’t know how He will.

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