Two Week Meal Plan, November 19th through December 2nd

I have been trying to shop and plan for one week at a time, but with holidays, camping, having a friend here, and the fact that I won’t be going to Kerrville for almost two weeks, I decided to get most of my groceries last Friday for two weeks.  I feel like I did okay considering.  I’m still under budget for the month, so that’s positive!  I’ll do a separate post to share what I bought, but this post is for my meal plan for two weeks!  I didn’t get this written before today because of prepping for and being gone camping (also have a post started for that).

The kids are home this week so we will be having all meals together.  We keep it pretty simple most of the time, so that’s positive.  Pretty much everything in this meal plan we already have everything for!  I need to just get a few things (some produce and maybe a bit of dairy).

Here are our plans:


  • Oatmeal (we have oats to cook and some oatmeal packets)
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Whole wheat pumpkin banana muffins and scrambled eggs
  • Green pumpkin spice smoothie (I only have a little bit of the protein powder left for this)
  • Greek yogurt (sometimes I make it homemade but I have been buying it lately) and homemade granola
  • Omelets


  • PB&J with veggie tray
  • Turkey wraps with veggie tray and chips
  • Corn dogs with veggie tray
  • Quesadillas
  • Leftovers


Week of November 19th through 25th

Week of November 26th through December 2nd 

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