Re-Organizing Part 1: Office and Closet

I didn’t get before pictures because we just dove right in.  I have “during” pics and “after” pics.  Be prepared to be awed.  Haha.

This is what happened in the middle of re-organizing my office closet:

We pulled out about a dozen Younique boxes that I had shoved in there because I thought I could re-use them.  Now that I’m no longer selling Younique, I am getting rid of all of the boxes.  I also went through my files and got rid of most of the paperwork there.  I consolidated my paperwork into one file box/basket thing.  I organized the craft buckets and am getting rid of so much out of that closet.  I threw so much away (2 black trash bags worth).  It feels so good.

Those little shoe box containers are the best thing for organizing in this closet.  I’m also thankful for shelves!

We then fit our most used camping equipment in there so that we can easily get to it instead of having to climb into the attic.  We are hoping to camp more, even if it’s in the back valley here at camp (it’s good for backpacking with kids… about 3 miles in and 3 miles out).

We also have the craft and office type items left in the baskets in there.  And some things like old pictures (I still need to go through those).

This is what I’m getting rid of:

My friend is buying the easel and another friend wants the crafty stuff, but mostly the rest will go to Goodwill!

Ethan and Karis went through their things as well.

We aren’t true minimalists (we still have a lot of stuff), but we are slowly getting rid of stuff.  My main concern is organization.  If I can organize it then I feel like I don’t have too much if that makes sense.  I’m thankful for closet organizers that were in our house when we moved here!  I still need to spend some time on Karis’ closet and the boys’ room and closet are a pretty big mess so I’ll work on that next week.

This is my office after.  The brown table will go back into our living room when our Christmas tree comes down.  It’s currently a bit crowded in my office.

This is my favorite space in our house.  I am inspired while sitting in here.  Inspired to blog, inspired to organize, inspired to plan, inspired to read.

I just love our home.  It’s so cozy and warm.  It’s inviting.  People love being in our home.  That’s the goal!  Since I spend so much time here, I want to want to be here.  And I truly do!  Praise God for His provision and for allowing me to feel contentment for what we have.

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