Re-Organizing Part 2: Boys’ Room, My Room, and More in My Office

Re-Organizing Part 2

I will tell you now… you will NOT see perfect in this post.  I tend to work on making things appear “perfect,” but I decided to show real life this time.

The boys’ room tends to stay a disaster.  I go through it multiple times a year and perfect it.  This time I decided to be realistic and remember that the boys will mess it up quickly, so focus on the important things.

We cleaned out underneath their beds, got rid of trash, put all of the Legos in their own space (in their closet and built stuff on their shelf), etc.  I did NOT fold their clothes (which I have been known to do in the past for them to just throw the un-folded clothes in on top).  I did NOT clean off their dressers completely.  I put things in their place that had a place and left some things.  They each have a shelf to put things; and to be completely honest, Levi’s dresser is full of his junk.  It’s hidden and that’s all that matters to me.  He needs a place to put his things.  He loves little things and rocks and fossils, etc.  But like I said, under their beds you won’t find much (for now).  Ethan also got rid of some things (like I shared in a post), and most of what they have left includes Legos, cars, Nerf guns and bullets, light sabers, etc.  Not many toys.  We also put their stuffed animals in the attic.  They were in a plastic bin under Levi’s bed and just created more mess.  They didn’t even look at them.

So this is the final product:

My room stays pretty clean.  We had a section that was super messy so I decided to focus on that the other day.  It has made a huge difference for me.

Here’s the rest of my master bedroom.  Again, realistic.  Robert’s dresser is as clean as it will get.  He has junk in a couple of baskets that I don’t know what to do with and he will have to decide to go through it.  Haha.

The plastic drawers on my dresser contain all of my Younique makeup.  I had it in my office and decided that since I don’t officially sell anymore I will move it to my dresser, where it makes more sense to put on makeup!  So I have a less cluttered space in my office.  I would like to come up with a more aesthetic way to organize my makeup, but it is what it is for now!  I have too much to just put it in a basket or something!

Office shelf

I decided to move my yoga mat, weights, and resistance bands into my office.  Since this is my favorite space, I decided to utilize it for all the things.

Workout stuff

I will probably work on organizing my kitchen today.  I haven’t decided.  I will show those pics whenever I am done!  It doesn’t need a LOT of work, but there are a few areas that I could work on.  I have one cabinet that is the catch all, my pantry needs a little bit of help, and I need to clean my fridge.  I may wait till this coming week when my kids are at school!  It’ll give me something to do.

Like I’ve said in the past… I’m not a true minimalist.  But I feel the need to purge several times of year and this happens to be that time for me!  I need to be able to organize and keep things that way.  I do that for the most part besides a few “catch all” spaces and then there’s the kids’ rooms… I don’t have pics of Karis’ room because it pretty much stays clean most of the time.  I shared pics of her closet a few posts ago and that’s about it…

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