Re-Organizing Part 3: Kitchen

I have spent a lot of time today re-organizing.  It has been great.  The beauty about it is that I tend to keep things pretty clean and organized on the regular so organizing isn’t too hard.  I organized my fridge and freezer inside, fridge and freezers in the garage, a few cabinets that needed it, and my pantry/laundry room this afternoon!  It has only taken me a couple of hours!  I don’t have before pictures of everything but I have afters!

First I did the dishes and wiped down the whole kitchen.  I went through these cabinets and just got rid of a few things.  They were pretty organized as it was.

Our pantry is shared with the laundry so it makes it a bit complicated.  Some things will just look a little messy because they are in bags.  Otherwise, this is the before/after.  I took the recycling to the garage because I got tired of moving it around all the time.

This is more of the pantry + our meal planning/calendar area + on top of our fridge.

Our fridge wasn’t too bad to start with.  I just re-organized the shelves and wiped it down.

This is our inside freezer.  The 3rd shelf is bags of frozen veggies.  Everything else is leftovers that I froze or smoothie items.

This cabinet has been a “catch all” and while it’s still not amazing, I can actually see everything now (and things don’t fall out when I need to get something out of it).

This is our garage fridge and freezers.  We have quite a bit of food out there!


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