Feeling Physically Bad but Mentally Better

I received a sneak peak with a few photos from my friend who is our photographer.  She did a fantastic job and they definitely made me super happy.  This is one family photo.  I can’t wait to receive one that has us all looking at the camera :-).

These photos are amazing as well:

I love that this location is right at the camp where we live.  It’s an amazing place to take pics!

We still have many more photos to come.  She works full time here at camp so she has been busy.  I cannot wait to see the rest!

On another note…

I realized the other day that I was struggling because of the trauma trigger.  It’s basically my body’s reaction to the trauma that I experienced when Joey died the way he did.  Every single year I struggle on the anniversary of his death.  I kept myself super busy on the anniversary this year and completely forgot until the next day! That helped a lot.  I actually went to town twice that day (Friday the 30th).

Yesterday I started feeling physically pretty terrible.  Cough, hoarse voice, achy, chills (yet no fever somehow), and completely worn/fatigued.  I slept 5 hours in the middle of the day then went to sleep super easy last night.  I slept till about 9 this morning.  About 11 hours.  I’m feeling somewhat better today though not 100%.  I think it has all caught up to me.  I’m hoping that tomorrow I feel even better. We’ll see.

It’s crazy how mental health affects every part of a person.  It makes me so physically exhausted and worn.  I’m not sure if the illness that I’m experiencing this weekend is from that, but who knows.

Friday we had a great day!

Robert and I went to a coffee shop that I adore.  In the morning it’s a coffee shop in one building, then starting at lunch they run the restaurant next door (the buildings are connected).  They are a brewery in addition to coffee shop and restaurant (which is why I had never been till Friday).  Totally going to the coffee shop again!

They don’t really have “real food” for breakfast… I got a scone and banana bread.  They weren’t the greatest but their coffee is amazing!

I took the kids to Entertainmart on Friday and they were in love with the store.  Pokemon cards, Wii games, Skylanders, and more in addition to tons of books.  Karis was in heaven looking through all of the books and reading about the ones that looked interesting to her.  She told me she would rather have books then clothes.  This coming from an almost 13 year old.  Since then I have ordered her some more books for Christmas.

The boys and I went to the arcade in Kerrville after having Chick-Fil-A.  They love that place!  Levi hit the jackpot on two machines including one that gave him 500 tickets.  He was happy.

I’m hoping to start feeling better tomorrow.  I am tired of being tired.  I also want to go to AA tomorrow; I’m just not sure if I’ll feel up to it.  I’m trying to rest as much today as possible.

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