Meal Plan, January 21st through 27th

This past week has been pretty crazy.  For various reasons, I didn’t actually follow much of my meal plan (this is RARE).  Also, our friend left us with four pounds of thawed ground venison that will need to be used so my plans for this coming week have changed!  I’m going to be able to freeze some of the meat that I bought for this coming week and use it in the weeks to come.  Also, some meals have been added to the week in the dining hall.

Breakfasts (still working on high protein and keeping it simple)

  • Fried eggs, turkey sausage, English muffins or homemade bread (toasted) with peanut butter and honey, and fruit
  • Fried eggs, protein Green smoothie (with Fairlife milk and protein powder), breakfast cookies (I’m going to reduce flour and add in some collagen for protein)
  • Boiled eggs, protein oatmeal (called “Think Thin”), and fruit

I will also be adding collagen to my coffee for added protein.

Kids and Robert eat:

  • Breakfast tacos (usually just eggs and potatoes on tortilla with cheese)
  • Omelets (usually just a cheese one)
  • Oatmeal (Karis and Ethan sometimes choose this)

The kids usually eat a second breakfast at school.  What they eat at home is just to get them to school plus the boys have to to have food in their stomachs when they take their meds).


  • Leftovers
  • Sandwich with veggies and hummus, fruit, and Triscuits
  • Cottage cheese, boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, fruit, and Sun Chips
  • Quesadillas with veggie tray on the side

Kids eat at school most days.  Sometimes they make their own lunches to take.


  • Monday- Dining hall, chicken and dumplings
  • Tuesday- Chicken sausage with spinach and feta,  roasted veggies (brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, yellow squash), and homemade bread with butter
  • Wednesday- Egg roll in a bowl (recipe to come!)
  • Thursday- Taco bake with added tomato, avocado, and lettuce
  • Friday- Homemade ramen (with pasta from the Asian food aisle, and I will boil the chicken drumsticks with the meat on it instead of just bones because we are feeding friends)
  • Saturday- Dining hall, lunch (Carnitas) and dinner (Chicken tenders)
  • Sunday- Homemade Pizza, with veggies on one


  • Greek yogurt
  • Venison summer sausage and cheese
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Green chile almonds (that my inlaws made us)
  • Apple or banana and peanut butter
  • Breakfast cookies

Food prep

  • Thaw pizza dough
  • Slice summer sausage
  • Make homemade hummus
  • Slice/dice veggies for roasted veggies
  • Update veggie tray
  • Make breakfast cookies 
  • Cook turkey sausage
  • Boil eggs
  • Bake homemade bread

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