Excitement and More

This post is going to be a combination of things, so bear with me!

Gosh.  I feel like everything is working out so so well.

Ethan’s behavior has already improved tremendously because he’s able to be outside and be as active as he needs to be.  They have very little electronic time and it has affected both of their attitudes.  They are happy and excited to be home.

I remembered yesterday that my friend was going to have me sell her old curriculum so I asked if I could look through it (and I’ll sell whatever I decide not to buy).

At first, I was thinking I would buy all the things.  Then I remembered.  I told myself I would stick with The Good and the Beautiful because I love it, it’s so easy, and I always come back to it.  Plus it’s much cheaper than what she has (All About Reading, All About Spelling, and something else that I can’t remember), and I’m not a fan of AAR and AAS because of how complicated they are (and so expensive, even buying used).  So I stuck to my plan for The Good and the Beautiful for Language Arts and Handwriting.  I will buy the history for the fall eventually.

I did decide to buy her math and science, which will save me money and the kids are SO excited about it.

The kids were both telling me that they wanted to do the math with the DVD, worksheets, and blocks (Math U See) and sure enough, that’s what she has!  And my neighbor has the DVD and teacher guide that we can borrow.  So all I’m buying from her is the student pack and the integer block kit.  This level is going to be a review in some ways so we will move through it fast.  Each lesson has 6 worksheets.  Three practicing the new concept and three review.  So I’ll just have them do different worksheets.  One of each the new concept and review.  If I feel like they need more practice, I will copy the third one for them!

Then I also decided to buy Apologia Science from her because it’s the textbook and experiment kit and I really like Apologia science.  The kids were digging through it can’t wait to get started.  Karis asked if we could do the experiments when she gets home from school.

I decided to only buy one The Good and the Beautiful course book for the colored art and just print the rest because they have free pdf files of them for levels 1-5.  We’re starting with level 3.  I also ordered the pdf handwriting book for $9.

I keep telling myself “stick with what you planned,” and I’m doing that for the bulk and trying to save as much money as possible.  All I’m spending for everything but history is $125 for both boys plus toner (which I just ordered and I get the generic on Amazon for $20).  Once I have everything, I will not order anything else (besides maybe some books here and there if I can get good deals).  And I will have to buy toner here and there as well.  Robert is so proud of how I’m approaching curriculum this time.  I used to order all the things and spend $1000 to make it all perfect, then sell and buy something new constantly.  My plan this time is to stick with what I have and not buy anything until we are finished with what we have.

OH.  I also have pdf files of Bravewriter Partnership writing projects and several of the book studies so we will use those here and there for the boys.  Again, I already have it and just need to print it.  Since my toner is so cheap (and lasts forever), it just makes sense!

We’re going to study the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History for now because it is amazing.  It is rich with information and wonderful pictures along with online links with videos and things.  It’ll get us through this year.  AND, I already have it!  Haha.  I can add library books to dig deeper.  I will definitely use the history from The Good and the Beautiful next year though because it looks amazing, and I’ve heard really good things about it.

One more thing.  I will be going through these books with them.  They are nervous about it, but I try really hard to talk about these things like they’re no big deal.  Karis HATES when I talk about it, and I think it’s because I was nervous to discuss it with her, so I’m hoping that the boys will be more open.  We’ll see.


Alright… enough about curriculum!!

Ethan and I set up my office/school room yesterday.  He is so excited and did most of it.  Then last night I organized books and the kits that I got from my friend yesterday.  I thinkwe will be able to do all school in here.  We’ll see.

On another note…

I ordered groceries today, and I did the best I could to save money and get things that the boys can eat easily at home for lunches.  They have been eating at school for free so I have to provide that now.  The beautiful thing is, I spent the same that I always do (around $180 at HEB plus a few things at Walmart) and have planned super cheap lunches and dinners.  It helps that we will be gone next week (only Robert and Karis will be eating dinners Monday through Wednesday) and next weekend we will be gone at a bike race (and visiting family!).  So the grocery budget will still increase in the future.  We can handle it as it comes.

I will share what I bought in my grocery geek post tonight!

The boys and I are leaving in a couple of hours to go to town and go to Lunch, Walmart, Starbucks, HEB curbside, and then home to go to a birthday party here!  Then movie night of course.  Robert is out of town this weekend (I’m so jealous because he’s at Big Bend) so the kids and I will take it easy this weekend.

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