Our Homeschool: First Few Days

In the past when I have tried to homeschool, I did everything out of fear and anxiety.

Now I do everything out of joy and peace.  It’s amazing the difference.  It’s clear that it’s “right” this time vs in the past.

The boys are at complete peace as well and really seem to be enjoying things.  They constantly talk about how much they love that I am their teacher and that they are homeschooled now.  Ethan constantly says how amazing his life is and how happy he is.  He says that he feels like it’s not real.

The first few days went very well; though, I’m sure that’s expected because it’s all new and exciting.

I don’t have all of our curriculum and books yet so we are figuring things out as we go.  Everything is super simple right now.  We will continue adding to it as we go.

We start the morning with morning time.  Right now we are reading The Hotel Between written by an acquaintance of mine.  The boys love it because the two main characters were created after friends of theirs.  It’s so good.

We also do free writing and we read a devotional.  I will start reading picture books over time as well because I don’t think kids are every too big for them.

Today for our free write we wrote about our favorite season and why.

I do free writing at the same time.  For now we write for 5 minutes.  I will eventually increase the time.

Next, I teach Levi his Language Arts and Spelling while Ethan reads silently and does his reader’s response.  Then they switch.

They do their handwriting then take a break.

After that we do Math U See.

The boys have been doing same level in math so we have been doing it together.  They were doing Gamma, but I have decided to go down to Beta because they have some gaps that need to be filled.  I just wonder what was taught in public school.  Neither know how to do multi-digit addition and subtraction!  Levi is in third grade and Ethan is in fourth.  It blows my mind.

They LOVE this math.  I’m so glad that they asked for it AND that we had it right at our fingertips because my friend was selling it.

Then we do science or nature studies.  We haven’t started nature studies yet because I’m waiting for their watercolor books and the books to learn about things in nature.

I have or ordered these books to go with the Exploring Nature with Children resource that I have (it’s a pdf that I bought several years ago).  Also the watercolor books and watercolors (that came with paint brushes) will be coming in tomorrow.

I told the boys last night that despite the fact that we have a science curriculum, I am totally open to taking breaks from it and studying things that they are interested in.  They are so excited about astronomy though so we’ll see.  I had made some journals for them with printer paper, but I ended up buying them a $1 spiral to keep notes in.  The note booking journals for this edition aren’t even available anymore!

Next week we will be adding history to the routine.  We are using Story of the World.  I ordered the book for $4 on Thriftbooks and ordered the activity book on Amazon.  I have the student pages as a pdf so that makes things easy.  I hope to do lots of extension with history just like with science.  I want this to be fun!

Today we did Poetry Teatime again.  They love it so much! We had peanut butter cookie brownies.  Yum!

I got an amazing book in yesterday and have another coming next week!

Today has been sort of chill since we were out late yesterday and it was just a long day in general.  We did everything but science today.  Also, I allow them to count the poetry as their independent reading on Thursdays.

I’m super excited about life and except for some attitude from Ethan today (it happens), they are happy to be home as well.  Karis is starting to change her mind about school so we’ll see about her.  I’m good with whatever and want her to decide at her age and stage in life.

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