Busy Weekend at Home

Busy Weekend

Since we were out of town last weekend, I was unable to do any food prep or cleaning.  I tend to feel behind when that happens, but we made it work.

This weekend was spent being pretty busy (in a good way).  Karis and I also spent time in nature, which I needed.  She shared her “spot” with me and we had a nice walk and gathering of fun nature-y things.  I have started a nature basket for things that we collect!

I also did a TON of food prep with the help of Robert.  My goal at the moment is mostly whole foods and lots homemade, so I spent hours in the kitchen (most of it I normally do, but I added a few things!).

I made homemade wheat thins, homemade whole wheat bread, homemade Lara bars, homemade refried beans, veggie tray, veggies for salads, boiled eggs, homemade Greek yogurt, sliced Tillamook cheese and put in a container with salami, and syrup for homemade blueberry soda.

Today I slept in then Robert and I re-arranged my office/the schoolroom.  I LOVE it!  The goal was to move the desk under the elephant so that the sun wasn’t shining behind my computer anymore and to open up the space a bit.  It was so crowded.  The room is so small so taking the chair out and putting it back in the living room made a HUGE difference.

My next post will be about Nature Studies and our new science curriculum!

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