Spring Break 2019

Tomorrow is the last day of our spring break and I feel like it went well.

The kids got lots of rest and play time. They made forts. Stayed up late. Slept in. Played on electronics in the morning and outside and/or with friends all afternoon and evening. We ate in the dining hall some and at home some.

I got lots of rest and plenty of alone time as well because the kids are older. It’s nice to be able to do that. I have cleaned and organized and taken lots of naps.

My house is my fave.

It has been a great week!

My office/school room has come together so nicely. I’m in love and never want to leave the room. Haha. It’s perfect for us.

The decor is pretty and cozy, the boys have a table and some baskets with their school things, I have just enough books, a nature/art table, my favorite rug, a new piece of art on the wall (the cactus and it was only $5), I’m able to have the curtains open all of the time, I love sitting at my desk, and on and on.

I got the boys some curtains and we hung them today in addition to doing some cleaning (it’s not perfect but it’ll do).

Tomorrow we are going to town for Karis’s birthday. She wants to go to Mr. Gatti’s to eat and play. Then Saturday my parents are coming over. Then the 23rd she is having a party with her friends.

Look at this amazing party stuff that I got for her!

I can’t believe that I have a teenager.

It seems like yesterday she was tiny.

And now she’s big and amazing.

She is beautiful, creative, sassy, confident, weird (and she’s proud), outdoorsy/loves nature, intelligent, obeys well, is loved by teachers and friends, loves God, and has grown so much in the past year. She is a completely different kid. She used to be anxious and self conscious and now she owns who she is. I can’t wait to celebrate her soon.

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