Coming Up this Week

Coming Up this week

This past week was Spring Break, and while it was super restful and productive all in one, I’m super thankful to start school again this week!

We were planning to start our week off at Enchanted Rock with our new Wild+Free Fredericksburg, but I decided today to join a different group.

I found out that the Fredericksburg group only has littles… like the oldest being around 6.  My boys are 9 and 10 so they would feel super out of place.

Also, the group only meets once a month, they don’t use any sort of social media, and they communicate through email only which feels super disconnected.  They don’t seem super open or excited about new members.

I’ve actually been talking with the leader of the San Antonio group through Instagram lately.  She is a pretty popular homeschooling “Instagrammer” and she has been super open and helpful!  She told me how to join, and all I had to do was join the Facebook group.  I’m super happy about them having an active Facebook group.  All of the meet ups are on there as events.  There are so many to choose from!  Hiking, nature centers, bird project, craft fairs, etc.  It’s so great for our family.  The only thing that makes it imperfect is that we have to drive pretty far.  But I’m thinking every other week is doable to drive to San Antonio (2 hours).

Tomorrow, instead of Enchanted Rock, we will do school at PAX coffee and get a few things from HEB.

Tuesday-Thursday we will do our “normal school.”

This includes morning time, The Good and the Beautiful ELA, Reading/reading response, Math U See, nature studies (T/Th), and history (W).

TBTB Level 2 (this curriculum is advanced):

Level 3:

Math (we are flying through a lower level to fill in gaps and review)

Nature study includes nature walks focusing on signs of spring, nature journaling, gathering items for our basket, learning about the vernal equinox, doing some narration, learning about Haikus and reading some spring Haikus, and some art appreciation of a Monet painting.

Friday we are doing a “big kid hike” at Friedrich Wilderness Park with Wild + Free SA.  So we’ll just plan to get groceries at Trader Joe’s while we’re in San Antonio on Friday!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Saturday is Karis’s 13th birthday party with her friends.  We had to have it later so that everyone could be there!  She’s planning to make everything for the day herself… cupcakes and homemade mac n cheese.  We’ll see how that goes!  She’s just so big.  I can’t believe I have a teenager!

Life is soooooo good.  I’m so grateful that God has allowed all of this to take place.  I feel so undeserving.

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